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The Innocents – released 19th April 2018


In Wyoming, 1868, Pinkerton detective Abigail MacKay is on the trail of one of the most infamous criminals in the country—Nat Quinn. It’s one of the toughest cases of her challenging career, going undercover to catch an elusive thief. When in the course of her pursuit, Nat saves her life. She must reevaluate the case, especially when a new mystery unravels. Now on the trail of a killer, the two must work together to stop a vicious murderer who targets women. His burglary skills and criminal contacts dovetail together with her forensic and detection expertise to solve a complex case involving secret identities, inheritance, and brutal murder.  If she’s found working with the man she’s been sent to capture, the results could mean her expulsion from the Pinkertons and imprisonment—and a murderer could continue to kill.

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Innocent As Sin  –  released 26th July 2018

The second part of The Innocents Mystery Series finds Abigail MacKay’s carefully-planned operation disrupted by her inopportune presence at one of The Innocents’ robberies. Nat is determined to see her again and their past is revealed in Jake’s episode of ‘Irritable Heart’ (the 19th century name for P.T.S.D.). The real nature of the Pinkerton operation leaves them all exposed and vulnerable. Not everyone walks away unharmed, especially as Nat’s nemesis, Smitty, has hired a ruthless bounty hunter.

Emotions bubble to the fore when a frozen corpse is discovered. Who is he and why was he disguised as a tramp after death? More importantly, who stabbed him through the heart and left his body in the church hall? The answer lies in traces of blood splatters, fabric, and in the traces of dust and white powder found in the victim’s clothes.


Innocent Bystanders –  coming soon

The third in The Innocents Mystery Series sees all Abigail’s secrets exposed when her willful sister, Madeleine, is on a train held up by the gang. They look sufficiently alike for her to be singled out by the gang. Abigail is frantic as she has discovered that the man her sister has run away to marry is a serial killer, and it looks like her sister is next in line.

The only problem is that he seems to have discovered a new way to kill which leaves the bodies unmarked with no trace of a poison. Nobody can prove a thing and he remains free to kill.

Trying to save Madeleine from herself leaves the trio juggling rival journalists, suspicious Pinkertons, and a ruthless killer while Nat’s arch enemy, Smitty, circles in the background.



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